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Elder Mediation

Elder Mediation is about helping interested participants create solutions for elder issues; solutions tailored to the circumstances of their lives.  The process of dialogue about these issues must be done in a safe and ethical environment.  The rights of an individual, their values and wishes must be honored in the development of decisions about that person’s life.  We value the dignity of the elder person throughout the Elder Mediation process.

Elder Mediation is more than resolving disputes; it is also about planning, and preparing for changes that accompany growing older.  Such changes not only impact the elder person, but also their families and friends.

Statistics show that mediated solutions to disputes are more likely to be longer-term solutions.  They have a good success rate because the solutions come from the participants.  Often, all someone wants is for their voice to be heard.

We are called the sandwich generation -- those of us in our 50’s and 60’s taking care of aging parents and grandparents, while supporting our own children.  This can be a tough spot on occasion, and while planning ahead may help, implementing the best made plans can require adjusting those plans to address evolving needs, of both the elder person, and their families or friends.

This is where conversations with a neutral person, also known as a Mediator, can be very effective.  The Mediator does not take sides but instead works with the participants to create solutions or develop plans of action in an atmosphere conducive to fruitful discussions.  Mediation can help restore lines of communication that have broken down over the years, helping families work together; reducing anxiety and distress.

The Mediator is not there as a therapist, attorney or health practitioner.  The role of the Mediator is to listen very carefully to the interaction between the participants, helping them hear one another’s position, and perform what I call, “shining a light on possible solutions.”  Sometimes, when we are so much a part of a discussion, we miss the solution opportunities.  That is where the training of the Mediator, to hear the possible solutions, is most helpful.

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