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Young Adult Package: Must-have documents for young adults 18 to 26

Young Adult Package: Must-have documents for young adults 18 to 26

It’s finally happened. Your child is grown, flown, off to college or other new adventures. While you probably still have them on your health insurance policy, they are now legal adults and you don’t have the same control you once had. Did you know once your child turns 18 you no longer have automatic access to:

  • Your child’s health records
  • Your child’s medical condition
  • Your child’s education records (without a FERPA waiver)

Accidents and illnesses happen. Be sure your child has the basic legal documents everyone should have.

$500 Young Adult Package

  • Initial meeting to explain the role of fiduciaries and agents, and make selections
  • Preparation of:
    • Advance Health Care Directive – ensuring your ability to make medical decisions for your child.
    • HIPAA – giving you access to health records and information about your child’s condition.
    • Durable Power of Attorney – allowing you to pay bills and make financial decisions for your child.
  • Second meeting to sign the documents.

The perfect pairing – DocuBank I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency)

Immediately alerts you if medical personnel use your child’s card to access vital information from DocuBank in an emergency. $54 for five-year enrollment (included in package price).

Give the office at call at 207-467-3301 to schedule an appointment with your child. Peace of mind is a great gift.

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